Avant Garde Films

A provisional list of films incorporating leaders as found footage, or based entirely on leader.

NB Thanks to the members of the listserv Frameworks for some of these references.

Academy Leader Variations (1987) by David Ehrlich and collaborators – animation

Animus (1982) by Gary Schwartz (Made as student at CalArts; Student Academy Award Nominee). Faux animated leader countdown at beginning, using Edweard Muybridge’s walking man.

At the Academy (1974) Guy Sherwin – entirely made of BBC leader

BISCOTTS series by Luther Price

Color Film (1972) by Standish Lawder

The Creature’s Education (2010) by Bill Morrison

Film in Which There Appear… (1966, 3′ 30″) by Owen Land (aka Bruce Landow)

Footprints (1992). Bill Morrison

Girls on Film (2005) by Karin Segal and Julie Buck

Leader (1966, 12′), Cross Cut – A Blue Movie (1968-69, 12′ 30″), Red Stockings (1967, 3′) by Robert Huot

The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World (1968) Anthony Scott

Lost Leaders #1 (2012, 50secs) Matt Soar and Jackie Gallant

Material Film (1976, 35′) Birgit and Wilhelm Hein

A Movie (1958, 12′), Report (1967), and Ten Second Film (1965) by Bruce Conner

Our National Anthem (1968) Wheeler Winston Dixon

Rate of Change (1972) by Bill Brand (“nothing but white leader printed on color stock and printed at the lab according to my timing (grading) instructions”)

Rohfilm (1968) Birgit and Wilhelm Hein

Runs Good (1970, 15′) and others by Pat O’Neill

Seated Figures (1988) Michael Snow

Scenes From Under Childhood by Stan Brakhage

Standard Gauge (1984, 35′) and Cue Rolls (5′ 30″) by Morgan Fisher

Suite California Stops & Passes Part 1 by Robert Nelson

Unstable Grounds (2011, 7′ 30″) Alexandra Navratil

Works by Alan Berliner; Peter Kubelka