Project Outcomes

May 2017: Publication of ‘The Beginnings and the Ends of Film: Leader Standardization in the United States and Canada (1930–1999)’ in The Moving Image 16(2), Fall 2016, pp. 21-44.

March 2017: Submitted a first draft of a contribution about film leaders to the Routledge Companion on Obscolescent Media, a project being edited by Dr. Mark Wolf (Concordia University, Wisconsin).

April 6-9, 2016: Presentation and premiere of Academy/Society/Universal: 3 Handwritten Leader Standards (2016) at Orphans X in Culpeper, Virginia.

July 29, 2015: A short profile (above) shot during a residency at the Banff Centre, in October 2014. There’s an important error in the film: the first US leader standard was of course created in 1930 by AMPAS, not the SMPE.

May 30, 2015: Screening of Lost Leaders #1 and Lost Leaders #18 as part of Other Cinema’s New Experimental Works program (ATA, 992 Valencia, San Francisco).

May 2015: ‘Fossicking in the Archives: Film Leaders as Medium, Metaphor, Metadata’. Panel presentation at Poetics & Politics: A Documentary Research Symposium (UCSC, May 15-17).

April 2015: ‘Tea Break‘ talk about Lost Leaders at UCLA’s Moving Image Archive Studies graduate program [special thanks to Snowden Becker for the invitation].

February 2015: Film archive ‘fossicking’ in Mr. Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema collection, and at Mr. Stephen Parr’s Oddball Film + Video, plus a visit to the wonderful Prelinger Library (all in San Francisco).

October 2014: Two-week artist’s residency at Banff. (Video-recorded interview to follow – see above.)

September 2014: Visits to: the nitrate film archives at the Library of Congress’ NAVCC (Culpeper VA); and, Library and Archives Canada (Gatineau QC).

May 2014: Lost Leaders #1 screened as part of the program for the 9th Montreal Underground Film Festival.

March 2014: A short talk at the 9th Orphan Film Symposium, held at the glorious EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. Here’s my brief report on Orphans, a write-up on the Desistfilm web log, and a link to the automated Korsakow sketch film (Lost Leaders #14) I made for projection at the Symposium.

March 2014: Artist-in-residence at the Media Archeology Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. Here’s a short report on my colour studies, and a wide-ranging interview on my process and my current projects, conducted by Renée Farrar. (The first image is from my artist’s talk at Counterpath in Denver on March 1.) An article by Johnny Magdaleno about the artist-in-residence program at the Media Archeology Lab, including reference to my colour studies.