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Artist’s talk: Counterpath, Denver

On March 1, 2014, I gave my first ever public talk about Lost Leaders to a small but engaged audience at Counterpath, a press + bookstore + gallery + performance space in Denver. After three years of ‘back-burner’ activity on the project, it was great to have an excuse to bring it front-and-center: to use the opportunity to formalize my initial thoughts about the project, and to share the creative work I’ve done to date. (Given the fact that I was also booked to do a much shorter presentation at the Orphan Film Symposium in Amsterdam in April, I would also be better able to figure out how to compress the material into the format required for Amsterdam.)

An extended interview with Renée Farrar about Lost Leaders, Korsakow, and my brief residency at Professor Lori Emerson’s Media Archaeology Lab at the University of Colorado.

Brief blog post about the color studies I made during my residency at the MAL.

There’s a very low-quality reference video of my Counterpath talk, here, and a similar video of my Korsakow workshop at CU here (in four parts).

Photo credit: Mél Hogan